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An exciting trip into my adventures on film. Here you'll discover my way of interaction with a variety of subjects and expertise on the screen.

Diversity Festival 2020 - Crunchy Talks: Tales From Midlife Journeys | The Colours Of Midlife

Diversity Festival 2020 - Crunchy Talks: Tales From Midlife Journeys | The Colours Of Midlife

Have you missed our last Crunchy Talks event in partnership with the University of Chester? No problem! Grab your cuppa and enjoy the panel discussion we hosted during the Diversity Festival 2020. WARNING! It lasts for two hours! But you have plenty of time, haven't you? This time, we discussed the advantages of ‘reverse menopause‘ for middle-aged people in transition with Jenny Anne Bishop (OBE and Trans Awareness Campaigner) and the importance of ageing playfully — no matter your age or gender — with artist and equality campaigner Michael Jepson. Together with Emma Rees (Director of the University’s Institute of Gender Studies) we also explored the common denominator between the feminist movement and contemporary awareness of ageism. With the help of researcher and leading expert on ageing Lou Taylor, we also went through a topic that it’s still taboo for many people: intimacy and sexuality in a mature age. We also had the pleasure of sharing the excitement about starting a business in midlife and the advantages of wider experience in becoming an entrepreneur at this stage of life with HR guru, Vanessa Rhodes (owner of the business consulting ImagoHR). With Humorist and Motivational speaker Theresa Robberts, we cast a light on the importance of going back to University for vision impaired and middle-aged people as a way to thrive. “Mature” is often seen as a euphemism for “old”, but it can also mean someone who is more emotionally capable of appreciating the fleeting nature of opportunities and can see studying as a fixed timeframe, rather than just an extension of high school. This can result in a more focused attitude to study. Midlife diversity matters!!!
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