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"Michela Di Carlo has no grey areas; displaying a surprising desire to get the news, whether positive or negative, and then carefully outline the details. She is also able to reveal new facts and she achieves this only by staying true to the real rules of Journalism, which unfortunately have been forgotten by many today. She is a good example of humility, and professionalism".

Giuliano De Risi - International Relations Advisor for ADA - Académie Diplomatique Africaine, Former Editor in Chief Agenzia Giornalistica Italia News Agency

"Michela is a daughter of the present, but she belongs to another era. She has the advantage of living in the Digital Age with the true spirit of a reporter on the road. Commitment, seriousness and professionalism are in fact  Michela’s distinguishing features, typical of those who have gained experience from a long apprenticeship"

Ivo Ferrario - Head of PR & Communications, Centromarca 

"Great Intuition, timeliness, professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm to her work. Michela Di Carlo has enriched me professionally for her proper way to work in journalism: her genuine desire is to always seek news uncompromisingly and scrupulously checking all the facts and details".

Gianluca Pacella - Editor in Chief,

"What I've always appreciated by Michela is her relentlesness. This is a very important trait for those who do this job, as it enables her to get to the bottom of things and not stop at the surface. As well as providing high quality information she always provides more than is necessary. It is her enthusiasm that distinguishes her from the others, allowing her to face the many challenges of an increasingly competitive industry with a smile".

Alessandro Guarasci - Reporter, Radio Vaticana

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